Product Information

Global Packaging makes salt and pepper products for the food retail and food service sectors, pet treats, and an array of plastic products.

Quality Makes Us Global

Products Made with Quality in Mind

salt and pepper shaker assembly line

Global Packaging produces a range of different products all with one goal in mind: To provide retailers and distributors with quality products emphasizing end-user utility and excellence in customer service.

factory splitting salt and pepper shakers into different lines

Salt and Pepper Shakers

Our private label national brand equivalency (NBE) salt and pepper shakers are one of the only all-plastic recyclable shakers on the market. We adhere to the Safe Quality Food (SQF) standards and always deliver on-time to our food retail and food service customers.
man working on factory machine

Salt and Pepper Packets

We make individual salt and pepper paper packets with an interior poly film at an eye-popping rate of 4,000 each minute. These packets can be private label for food retailers or unbranded for food service distributors to restaurants, healthcare, and educational institutions.

salt shakers on assembly line

Sea Salt Canisters

Our sea salt canisters contain high-quality sea salt made from evaporating ocean water and packaged in a quantity that is ideal for both commercial and individual applications. These are composite paper canisters with a sifter top, shaker holes, and pour opening.
clear salt and pepper shakers on a wood table


Pepper grinders for peppercorns have become increasingly popular among consumers, food retailers, and food service operations. Ours are made through state-of-the-art plastic injection molding equipment and filled with high-quality peppercorns, sea salt, and salt/pepper blends.
table with variety of dog treats lined up for display

Pet Treats

Everyone loves giving treats to their companion animals, but it’s important to know what they’re getting is good for them. Our line of Indigenous Pet Products bring together science and nature in treats that keep pets happy and healthy.

foldable black step stool

Plastic Products

Global Packaging makes a variety of plastic products retailers need to meet customer demands, including kitchenware (cups, plates, bowls, mixing bowls, etc.), folding step stools, seats, and tables.