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black and white salt shakers on conveyor belt

For nearly three decades, the Global Packaging team of experts has been the main supplier of prepackaged salt and pepper shakers to more than 70% of the largest food retailers (grocery store chains and big box department stores that also sell groceries) and food service distributors (supplying restaurants, fast food chains, and institutional food service operations at educational, healthcare, and many other facilities).

Over time the range of products we make has expanded to include paper packets of salt and pepper, canister packaging (such as for sea salt), grinders (such as peppercorn grinders), pet treats (Indigenous™ Pet Products), and a variety of other plastic products such as folding stools, seats, and tables, and wholesale plastic kitchenware (cups, plates, bowls, etc.).

black and white salt shakers on conveyor belt

Salt and Pepper Shakers

Our flagship product that food retailers and food service operations simply cannot do without. Our shakers are made in the USA, filled with high-quality salt and pepper, and the only all-plastic recyclable shaker on the market today.

Indigenous™ Pet Products

Everyone loves their pets and loves to treat their pets. Our line of pet treats are expertly formulated to improve the health, vitality, and happiness of the loyal animal companions that bring so much joy to life.

Plastic Products

From folding step stools, seats, and tables to wholesale plastic kitchenware, we are experts at plastic injection molding to create durable, highly useful products for people everywhere.
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Quality at Global Packaging

Achieving quality results for customers isn’t something we just pay lip service to—it’s at the core of everything we do. For the products we sell to food retailers and food service distributors, it begins with strict adherence to the Safe Quality Food (SQF) standards. But there’s more to quality than the products themselves. The highest-quality product is useless if customers can’t get it where and when they need it. Despite recent global supply chain disruptions, Global Packaging has maintained its on-time delivery commitment. Excellence in customer service means those who partner with us can expect same-day response times for a stress-free working relationship.

Global Packaging: The Ways We Work


Not just a word, it’s the foundation of all we do.


State-of-the-art automated equipment backed by human expertise.

Cost Effectiveness

We are tireless in our pursuit of cost-effective solutions.

Continuous Improvement

Long-term continuous improvement is an ongoing priority.


Our teams have the freedom to take the reins to get better results.

On-Time Delivery

Our reputation is making deliveries on time every time.

Disruption-Proof Production

Multiple redundancies built into our supply chain ensure smooth operations.

Excellence in Customer Service

Highly responsive and problem-free partnerships make for long-term loyalty.

QUALITY Products ~ EXCELLENCE in Customer Service.